Film – original title:    “Oбвиняются в убийстве” (USSR, 1969)

Dubbed English title:    [Accused of Murder]

Director:    Boris Volchek

Actress in the role of a female lawyer: Yelena Kozelkova

Character:    Dr. Hromova (judge)


“During the 60’s in the Soviet Union there weren’t many women in high positions such as judges! I saw this film as a young girl, many years later, and I remember being impressed by the strength of the lead character, who would not be convinced by the public prosecutor’s hasty accusations against a boy charged with murder.  That judge was quite determined in her search for the truth, and I thought it great that a women could behave like that…”

(Karolina, lawyer - Mantova)

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Tuesday 16 July 2024

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